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About Me


I’m an independent photographer and filmmaker from Chicago, now residing in Los Angeles. I enjoy trying out and experimenting with different genres of photography. Music and movies play a huge part of inspiration to my style of work.


I have worked as a still photographer on various sets and collaborated with others on multiple projects. I have also traveled around the US, Europe, and the UK, camera always in hand. 


My experiences in college gave me the opportunity to work on film sets as a still photographer, where I developed a passion for the film world and all the excitement and creativity it carries with it. After graduating, I spent some time studying acting for theater and film as it was something I’ve always had a desire to do. Through this process, I observed my acting teacher’s directing methods, along with years of working on a variety of films, which inspired me to co-write and co-direct films with my sister. Recently, we decided to start a small film production company called Boeing Studios.


Photo Focus: Portraits, film stills, fashion, headshots, animals, travel, and nature  photography

Education: B.A. Art & Design/Photography, Columbia College Chicago

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